15 DIY Dining Room Table Décor Ideas


Spending memorable moments together, sharing a weeknight meal or celebrating with your guests, the dining room is the place where people come together. It’s the spot in the home that speaks your style. Whether it’s a stand-alone room or part of an open-plan zone, the dining area is a place that should be practical, functional – and exquisite!

When choosing your dining table decoration accessories, you should always consider the dining room as a whole. Choose the accessories wisely. Every single piece should be unique, exquisite and vibrant. Keep your decoration balanced, one single piece shouldn’t dominate the whole room. Your whole dining room should be the focal point of your home.

Here are some incredible dining room table décor ideas that will help you to enhance the beauty of the room.

Creative Dining Room Table Décor Ideas

1. Use Elegant Floral Table Centerpiece

Beautify your dining room table with simple dining table centerpiece ideas. A floral centerpiece will look great. The white vase with yellow flowers on the black round table will give the best combination of colors. Create a fresh look with natural flowers.

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2. Use a Vibrant Shade of Blue

A vibrant shade of blue flowers on the black table will boost the color scheme of your dining room. Clean walls and white chairs in contrast with black table are perfect for a light-filled room. Keep the whole look grounded with a bright color scheme.

3. Eat in Kitchen on the Black Beauty

This vintage set of black dining table and chairs add a bold effect to your kitchen. If you have a big space in your kitchen, put the dining table in the center to eat your meals in the kitchen.

4. A Classic Round Table with Exquisite Centerpiece

A round dining table will create a cozy and modern look in your dining room. Round tables are perfect for friends and family gatherings, talking, and laughing. This black vintage style round dining table is perfect for a small family. Give an exquisite look to the simple table by putting an elegant white floral centerpiece. It will give a decent but elegant look.

5. Table for Single Person

This elegant wooden table for one person will give a contemporary look to your room. This table can be used in a room to eat or to study. A decent white chandelier works as a table’s centerpiece and creates a vintage ambiance. A sophisticated white curtain with wooden furniture and cozy carpet enhance the beauty of the room.

6. Table Near a Decorated Cupboard

A simple dining table near a decorated cupboard will enhance its beauty. Keep the table simple while decorating the cupboard with accessories to create a decent and elegant look. Use some antiques and a pair of attractive showpiece on the cupboard.

7. A Piece of Art will Glorify the Whole Environment of the Room

A piece of art near the wall of the dining table with comfortable chairs will encourage guests to linger around and enjoy the meal. A piece of attractive chandelier over the top of the table with light fixtures will boost the whole effect of the room. The table can be put in the middle if the room is spacious.

8. Create a Café Side Look

This room is a proof that you can create a café look in your dining room. Put a high table with café chairs of mix materials like brown wood and white plastic chairs near the window of the room. This table can be used for multiple purposes. You can drink tea at the evening or complete your thesis at night on the table. Or take part in the family conversations at mealtime.

9. Use a Refreshing Blue and White Color Scheme

A contrast of blue seating works well with white table and white painted walls.White walls with blue curb appeal on the windows will create a refreshing and energizing effect. A big piece of art (with shades of blue and white) hanging on the wall is creating an artistic apparel in the room. A simple white lamp in the corner is an added bonus to the vintage atmosphere.

10. A Long Black Table is Perfect for in-Home Cafeteria

If you want to open a cafeteria in your home, you need a large, wide-open space.Focus on architectural details and light fixtures in the room. Put a long black table with small white chairs in the room. Place an LCD on the wall for the entertainment of the customers. Hang some pieces of art on the wall to add a contemporary effect.

11. Use Shades of Spring in The Curtains

This dining room features a vintage shade of spring on the curtains and the table centerpieces. A combo of brown and white table and the shades of green in the room steal the show. It’s the lively window treatments that create a fresh look and make it alluring. The white painted walls with bright light fixtures is enhancing the beauty of the room. The refreshing ambiance of the room is what makes it memorable.

12. Create a Warmth Effect with Beautiful Light Fixtures

A pretty, well-accessorized with elegant patterns on the rugs and windows will make this dining room alluring. This exquisite orange lighting fixture serves at the center piece of the table and stands out in the room. The white simple and clean chairs and the pair of white vase with yellow flowers at the center of the table create a sophisticated look. The decorated wall with accessories at the back of the table is an added charm to the room.

13. Put Indoor Plants Near the Table to Create a Refreshing Environment

Create a fresh atmosphere in your dining room by putting some indoor plants near the table. The green plants look refreshing, not muddy, when paired with dusky wooden furniture. A modernized elegant white round lamp near the table works well with the classic furniture.The whole environment of the dining room will rejuvenate your mind and you will feel relaxed.

14. Window Facing Dining Table

A dining table near the window is a good way to enhance the mood. Enjoy your meal with the beautiful sight outside the room. A fully organized table with two pairs of cozy chairs is perfect for a small family. Brown wooden furniture, wooden curb appeal on the windows and vinyl flooring is what makes the dining room more enticing and mesmerizing.

15. Be Bold with a Shade of Turquoise

If you love bold colors, then go for it. The shade of turquoise painted wall with white dining table and chairs will give a colorful appeal to the room. The whole atmosphere of the room is eye captivating and refreshing. Put a glass jar as the table’s centerpiece with paper flowers (go with shades of white and turquoise). When you are having such amazing home decor you must try to learn that how to calm down your pets from being angry. Otherwise in most of the cases when your pets socially dogs like Pomeranian dog gets angry they usually cause the damage of your interior. For that stay connected with some of quality pet related blogs to know how to deal with them.

A dining room is the focal point of the house and it should be decorated with elegance and class. Its decoration will represent your exceptional choice in home interiors. Fascinate your guests with these eye catching décor ideas and make your dining room a center of attraction.


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