Electrical Service Upgrades That Are In All New Homes

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Newer homes not only look more modern than older homes, they’re also built with upgraded electrical services. If your house is a little older you may be considering upgrading your electrical panel. This could be fixing a tripping breaker, adding room for circuits, and your existing panel being old, damaged or recalled. However, it’s also possible you want to upgrade when you are remodeling your home. Electrical service upgrades are necessary if you’re upgrading equipment, installing new appliances, or using a 100-amp panel. Even though we can’t see all of these upgrades, unlike appreciable brand-new marble countertops, they certainly make a difference.

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Check out these five electrical service upgrades in all new homes

1. Electrical Panel
2. LED light fixtures
3. Smoke alarm
4. Smart technology
5. Backup Generator

Electrical panel

Most old homes have 100-amp panels installed. Despite this capacity once being sufficient, new homes are now installed with 200-amp panels. We can thank our modern devices for this upgrade, as they require more electricity. Having a higher amperage power panel is also important when it comes to selling your home. Home inspections will always unveil an outdated panel, and this will deter potential buyers. With upgraded electrical panels, you’ll be able to increase the value of your home, and attract more buyers.

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LED light fixtures

Unlike your electrical panel, LED light fixtures will make a discernible difference in your home. This upgrade perfectly harmonizes enhanced aesthetics with reduced energy consumption and costs, which is a no-brainer for many. Alongside your traditional ceiling lights, you can also now install under-cabinet systems. These are for your kitchen and bathrooms to further elevate the atmosphere and ambiance.

Smoke alarm

We don’t have to tell you that smoke alarms are an essential piece of equipment in every home. Most fire fatalities occur during the night. And without smoke alarms, it’s possible we would sleep through a fire. Battery-operated smoke alarms are permitted in older homes, but we’re all human, and we can forget to change batteries. If this worries you, you might be interested in an electrical smoke detection system. Hardwired into your electrical system, your sleep won’t be interrupted by worries of dead batteries.

Smart technology

Smart technology has changed the game. Investing in smart devices like thermostats, door locks, and light switches present homeowners with long-term benefits. Your house will be admired by visitors for its functionality and aesthetic. Another benefit is it will boast increased energy efficiency, security, and tranquility.

Backup Generator

Backup generators are a must when it comes to power outages. If your community falls victim to frequent outages, it is never a bad idea to invest in a backup generator. You’ll feel at ease knowing that bad weather won’t result in spoiling food, or a freezing home.

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