The Careers That People Can Pursue with Thanatology

Psychological Thanatology

What is thanatology? Thanatology is a branch of science that specifically looks into the study of dying and death from a number of different perspectives; these include medical, psychological, physical, ethical, and spiritual. There are a lot of specialists whose body of work varies from the likes of coroners to doctors who use thanatology to inform their work and give them greater insight into what they do. It doesn’t stop there either, as there are many different jobs that people who study thanatology can do.

How to Get Started in Thanatology?

If you are interested in learning more about thanatology, then you will be happy to know that getting involved has never been more straightforward. There are many universities out there that offer degrees in the subject, so you can start researching and picking the facility that appeals to you.

If you have work commitments, you may want to consider pursuing online education instead. By working and getting a thanatology certification online, you will still be able to pursue a career within the subject and don’t have to sacrifice any personal or professional commitments in doing so either.

Jobs in Thanatology

If you get a degree in thanatology and are wondering what different careers you might be able to go into as a result, some of the most popular choices include:

Psychological Thanatologist

When someone has to come to terms with their own death or the death of a loved one, it will be the job of a psychological thanatologist to help them through this. These are therapists and counselors who help people get through whatever tough situation they are going through and come to terms with the concept of death in an effective manner.

Biological Thanatologist

You tend to find that these professionals work much more on the physical and biological side of things. They’ll usually accompany the likes of coroners and medical examiners in the world of forensic scientists. It will be their role to determine how an individual has died and what has potentially led to the event that caused their death.

Music Thanatologist

This is an interesting role as it looks into how music can calm people in times of pain or crisis. A music thanatologist will often sit beside the bedside of somebody who is dying and play soothing music in order to make the whole process a lot more peaceful for them. The entire point of this role is to accept the fact that death happens and then work to make it as comfortable as possible.


An incredibly interesting subject to study in the modern world is thanatology. This is the study of looking at death from a number of different angles and then using this knowledge in various roles to make the process and acceptance of death more straightforward. If you are interested in this fascinating field, there are different thanatology programs offered by universities along with an array of prospective careers to pursue upon qualification.



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