Top 4 Treatments to Enhance Your Appearance

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Most people have a beauty regime to improve their skin and enhance their overall appearance. It usually involves a daily regimen to keep skin looking young, regularly removing body fuzz, and a weekly treatment to keep unruly hairs at bay. If you are getting tired of your usual routine, then maybe it is time to consider a long-term solution. Here are four efficient treatments that will save you time, money, and hassle in the long run.

Get Rid of Body Hair With Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal can keep you fuzz-free for a much longer period of time than other hair removal methods. The treatment is practically pain-free, it takes a short amount of time, and you only need one treatment every 4 to 6 weeks for around 12 to 18 months to see long-lasting results. Although many believe that the results are permanent, realistically, most people will need around two touch-ups per year to keep that hair off their body. With traditional hair removal methods costing over $10,000 per year, this still works out much cheaper in the long run. Not to mention, this treatment will save you time, and you won’t have to worry about forgetting to shave before a special occasion.

Prevent Wrinkles With Botox Cosmetic

Botox is popularly used to prevent wrinkles and to reduce signs of aging. Botox Cosmetic is a brand name for botulinum toxin, and it works by blocking the neurotransmitter acetylcholine and causing a muscle paralysis effect. It is administered to areas of the face that naturally crinkle up and smoothes out the lines and wrinkles. Despite the controversy over Botox, it is actually a non-surgical procedure, and the FDA has even approved it to treat medical conditions such as hyperactive muscles and migraines. One treatment takes around 30 minutes to complete, and the results last approximately four months.

Improve the Appearance of Scars With Microneedling

SkinPen® Microneedling, also known as Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT), involves tiny needles puncturing the first layer of skin to create micro-wounds. These tiny wounds are created so that skincare products can be easily absorbed; this will then increase collagen production and give you smoother skin. The thought of a bunch of needles coming into contact with your face may sound harrowing when in actual fact, you should feel very little to no pain. It is great for all skin types and is particularly popular with people who have scars from acne or surgery. People who suffer from stretch marks, cellulite, and even wrinkles, can benefit from this procedure too.

Dermani Medspa provides microneedling treatments, laser hair removal, and Botox Cosmetics, and their clinics can be found all over Atlanta. They have a team of trained experts on hand to help you, and they offer free consultations. Contact dermani Medspa for more information about their treatments.

Achieve Smooth and Glossy Hair With Keratin Complex

If you spend a long time trying to smooth unruly hair in the morning, then a Keratin Complex smoothing treatment can help save you time. This treatment will turn frizzy and curly hair into a gloriously glossy mane for around two months. The treatment involves the application of a special solution to the hair; followed by a hot iron to set it. Your hair will stay smooth and straight, even in hot and humid weather.


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