What’s New in Clip-in Hair Extensions World in 2021

Hair Extensions

Plenty of women enjoy changing and styling their hair. However, when dealing with just your hair, your options can be a bit limited. Your current natural hair can at times not be long enough. Or maybe it just won’t stand the way you like it? It can be too resistant to curling, or maybe too thin to stand in a manner you would like it to.

Everyone’s hair is different, and should you wish to enjoy a hairstyle that isn’t compatible with your type, there is an easy solution for you out there – clip-in hair extensions. You can take some time to browse various models in the Hey Curls collection that has something for every taste, and every hair type.

Extensions in The Modern World

Extension Materials

In the beginning, hair extensions were used mostly by the wealthy, and the ruling class. At some periods in history, wigs were even worn as a symbol of power and wealth, and certain hairstyles were pretty much mandatory if you belonged to a certain class.

However, in the modern world, hair extensions have become a very common and affordable thing. This is especially true since the introduction of clip-in hair extensions. Unlike permanent extensions, the clip-ins are molded in the needs of today’s fast lifestyle.

They are cheaper and very practical and take only a few minutes to install or take out. This gives you the possibility to use them literally whenever you need them. Short hair one day, long and thick the next one? No reason not to!

Aside from becoming easy to use, the quality of these extensions is always on the rise. With the minimum effort put into maintenance, your clip-ins will serve you for a long time. Depending on how much you use them of course, and whether you mistreat them, they can serve you for half a year, a year, or even more, if you’re not using them all that often, but rather for special occasions only.

Modern clip-in hair extensions also pay attention to every detail, making sure that you can find the right match for any hair type you may have. The clips are also made safer and stronger, while some are even made of silicone, which makes them easy to blend in. Nobody’s even going to know that they’re in there.

Extension Materials

Materials of hair extensions have drastically changed throughout history. Starting from horse hairs and sheep’s wool, all the way to modern synthetic materials that are still being used in most wefts that do not feature real hair. The only constant throughout these material shifts was exactly that – real human hair. That is the one material that is deemed precious, and the one material that all the rest are trying to replicate.

Real vs Synthetic

Real vs Synthetic

In today’s market, the choice is split into two main options – real hair or synthetic. Most used synthetic materials include Toyokalon and Kanekalon and both are available in a plethora of colors and textures.

These synthetic materials tend to be noticeably cheaper than real human hair, barring some extreme cases. Their lifespan is also shorter, and most of these materials will in some aspects fail to perfectly replicate real hair. Be it the texture itself or the way it shines, or sometimes just the way it moves on the breeze – you’ll notice it.

There is also the case of wefts with Remy human hair. Mostly sourced from Eastern Europe, these strands are very thin and light, yet still durable and shiny, making them a very popular choice among extension users. The special thing about Remy’s hair is that it keeps the thin outer layer that the human hair naturally has, which in return makes the hair less likely to tangle while giving it a more natural feel at the same time.

What Lies Ahead?

Lies Ahead

Well, simply put – who knows? At this point, clip-in hair extensions seem almost perfect. They are easy to handle, don’t take up much of your time, there is plenty of different models for every taste, you can take them in and out as you please. What more could you want, right?

However, it’s natural that all things will always progress, develop, and be adapted to the needs of the consumers. The big wigs seemed irreplaceable to King Louis XIV and his aristocrats, yet you wouldn’t say they’re the fashion must-have nowadays. So we can expect that over time, these clip-ins will also find new ways to adapt to the needs of consumers, make them even more practical, realistic, and easily acquired.

The Hair Effect

Can you imagine a world without the bad hair day? Sounds pretty sweet, doesn’t it? Well, for such days, there’s not a handier thing to own than a set of clip-ins.

For some women, this is just something they like to have fun tempering with. Maybe they like the dynamic lifestyle, often changing styles and keeping up with the latest fashion trends. This will often involve changing the length and shape of your hair, which is sometimes impossible without hair extensions.

For other women, however, this can mean so much more. Whether it’s naturally weak and thin hair or just a haircut that went bad and left you with much less hair than you’d hoped for, hair extensions can cover up the problem and give you a natural-like, fresh look. This can have a big psychological effect, helping them boost their confidence, and feel better about themselves.

Physical appearance has always affected confidence, and if the hair extensions will make you look more to your liking, at the same time making you feel better about yourself – why wouldn’t you opt for them? There is no long-term commitment, they are among the cheapest of options, and you can wear them whenever you feel like – and take them out just as easily.

Final Thoughts

Hair extensions have been around for thousands of years and will continue to do so in the future. They have changed their shapes, methods, styles, but have always done the same thing – change your hairstyle in a way that you like most. As long as they do that without causing you too much of a fuss, they will always have a market in this world.

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