Summer Up-Do’s for Long Hair That Will Keep You Cool

Long Hair

Having long and healthy hair can be one of the most beautiful features a woman can have. It’s a sign of femininity and grace. Having and growing long hair isn’t easy. Many women can’t grow their hair even to a medium length. You are very lucky for having such long and majestic hair. But having hair the length of Rapunzel’s can really get tough in summer. With all of that heat, the last thing you need is your hair warming you up.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem and that is by simply making cute summer up-dos that are literally lifesavers. Hair accessories from brands like Conair Scünci, which you can find in your local Target and Walmart have everything you need for your long hair. From cute scrunchies, colorful bobby pins, hair clips, barrettes, and hair bands. Everything you need for a complete summer hair look. Here are our top picks for the perfect summer hairstyles.

Braided Bun

yoann boyer

This simple and elegant hairstyle is perfect for the evenings by the beach, or if you don’t want to get your hair wet while going for a swim. There are several ways you can make this look, but we all know that the prettiest and easiest is always a win-win.

So, you will tie your hair in a ponytail, then slowly start to braid it in a classic three-strand braid. Once you are done, make a hole in your hair, right above the hairband you used to secure your ponytail. Next, fold your hair through the hole and repeat that until you don’t have any hair to fold anymore. Finally, you can secure your braid with some colorful and fun bobby pins.


brooke cagle

The ponytail is one of the greatest and easiest hairstyles for summer. This goes especially for girls with long hair. When you put it in a high ponytail like Ariana Grande it just makes it pop up more and look really glamorous.

You can step up your ponytail game in a few different ways. You can add some hair accessories to your hair like a cute scrunchie, hair clips on each side of your hair or small jaw clips through your tail. Also, a great way to spice up your ponytail is by making a double ponytail. Start by taking dividing your upper section of hair and tying it up. Then gather the rest of your hair in a low ponytail and voila! You have yourself a great double ponytail.

Ballet Bun

vil son

Ballet bun is the perfect hairdo for a really hot summer day. Your hair will be tightly sealed, elegant looking and what’s most important you will make this hairdo in a jiffy. Start by splashing a little water with a spray bottle through your hair. Comb it and make a high ponytail. Secure it tightly with a hairband. If you want to make this hairstyle a little playful you can always add some colorful neon hair bands.

Once you secured your hair, twirl your hair into a tight rope. When you finish doing this tightly fold the strand of hair around the ponytail holder. If you start twisting your hair clockwise finish it clockwise, for a perfect tight bun. If you want to additionally secure your bun add some bobby pins for extra security.

Messy Bun

jasper graetsch

Well, this one is the opposite of the ballerina bun. It is the perfect everyday hairstyle, that takes next to no effort to make. Unlike the ballerina bun, you don’t have to worry about making everything stay in place.

The process is more or less the same. But once you get to the twisting part of your hair, you don’t have to tightly fold the strand of your hair around the ponytail holder. You can do it absolutely loosely. The more it’s loose the messier it will look. Which is perfect if you are going for an effortless look. If you want your hair to stand out don’t forget to add some beautiful hairpins or clips.

Braided Top Knot

tyler mcrobert

Braided top knot hairstyle brings out a little dash of bohemian beauty. Especially if you add a flower crown or a beautiful headband to this look. Adding some of these hair accessories will really make your hair stand out and bring to your overall look the feeling you want to project.

The easiest way you can make a braided top knot is by pulling your hair into a high ponytail. Then securing it tightly with a hairband, then braid your ponytail. Make sure you don’t braid it till the end, leave a few inches of unbraided hair. Then tie the end of your braid loosely, and add a little volume to your hair (if needed) by taking a small section of your hair and wrapping it around your finger. Finally, wrap your braid around the base of the ponytail. Secure it with another hairband and bobby pins.


sergey zolkin

All of these hairstyles are perfect for long hair. If your hair is really thick, make sure you have enough bobby pins to secure these hairstyles. You can even add some hairspray for extra safety. But if you’re not that into hair products having hair accessories that are useful and cute at the same time is the best thing you can invest in.


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