Creative DIY Wall Art Ideas for Your Home

DIY Wall Art Ideas

Do you want to make your home look lively and energetic? Whether it is something as boring as your kitchen or the living room where you spend most of your time. The way you choose to decorate your home has a huge impact on you, giving you either a good or bad vibe. Of course, if your house is dull, it will have a negative affect om your mood as well.

Adding cheap canvas prints such as those that you can get from CanvasChamp or DIY pieces that you can make yourself would decorate your house in a simple way. Whether it is canvas paintings or ornate mirrors, these wall art ideas would transform your home, making it an inspiration for all your friends and family who would visit over.

Here are a few creative DIY wall art ideas and pieces that we have compiled for you, which would make your area stand out. You can also pair them with your favorite kind of frames of art.

Clip Boards

Add a touch of your personality to the walls by hanging metallic clip boards on the walls. You can use spray paint on clip boards or you can buy already painted ones from the store. This way you can add your to-do-list and memorable photographs on them at the same time.

And hey, you can also hang the notes from your loved ones on it.

Wall Art

If you are an art phenetic, then paint your own walls using different designs. Such as the flowers from the season or a burst of artistic designs that depict your personality. Paint the whole wall with designs that you adore, like tress, mountains, or even sceneries.

Fabric Frames

Another way to make your house look appealing is by using wallpaper or fabric cut into squares and rectangular shapes. You can frame them using different types of wooden or metallic frames, then hang them on the walls, giving your home a gorgeous look. You can also use affordable canvas frames.

DIY Photo Frames

wall art ideas

Do you have old windows lying around in the attic, which are not of any use to you? Not now, not in the future either? Turn those old windows of yours into photo frames, which would remind you of all the good times from the past, every time you would look at those frames and photographs.

Popsicle Stick Art

Stick the popsicle sticks on a cardboard and paint them using different shades. This kind of wall art would look great in the guest rooms and bathrooms.

Gallery Wall

Gallery Wall

Make a gallery wall in any corner of your living room by using framed photos and artwork. In order to make it look professional, use colors that would complement the setting of your home. Also, do not forget to add word art.

Adventure Art

Do you have maps, photographs and flyers from your previous vacations? Remind yourself of those beautiful adventures by framing them and hanging them on your walls.


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