Come dine with me: Budget dining room decor ideas

Dining room decor ideas

Dinner parties are a fantastic, modern way of getting your nearest and dearest together to celebrate something significant. When it comes to dinner parties, we can indeed look towards British households now holding at least one a montha clear indication that these types of events are very popular among our nation’s families and friends. It’s not just the Channel 4 television show that’s inspiring people!

Have you always wanted to hold your own dinner party, but feel as though your dining room isn’t up to scratch? Fear not, as we’ve put together some hard-to-ignore dining room décor ideas that’ll push you in the right direction, without costing a fortune.

Create a feature wall

Through the power of texture, colour and contrast, you can inject interest and energy into your dining room by creating a budget-friendly feature wall.  Feature walls can add instant wow factor to a space and serve as a decorative focal point. Not only is this a good conversation starter that’ll encourage bonding between your guests, but it’ll also look fantastic without costing too much!

Utilise art and photographs

There’s no denying that art inspires certain moods and adds personal character to a space, so we recommend taking advantage of this special kind of décor for your dining room. This decision doesn’t have to be expensive, either. Family photographs can be printed cost-effectively, and you’d be surprised by how much stunning art you can source from charity shops.

Organise the space

It can be easy to let your dining room get cluttered and messy, especially if you only tend to use this area of your home for rare, special occasions, like dinner parties. A really simple décor tip (that you can put into action right now) is organisation! Use wooden wall hooks to hang coats and bags, arrange books and ornaments on ladder shelves, and keep miscellaneous items in hidden storage containers. Yes, you can change your entire dining room without even lifting a paintbrush or buying a new piece of furniture.

Choose the right table

The furniture is everything when it comes to your dining room, so don’t rush the decisions you have to make! When it comes to throwing dinner parties, the most integral piece of the furniture is the dining table, so we recommend choosing a nice style that compliments the rest of the interior. It’s also important to go for a size big enough to accommodate your guests, but small enough so it doesn’t consume the space and make it feel cramped.

Add bold lighting

Adding bold lighting is a budget-friendly solution that will transform your dining room in a stylish yet practical way. We recommend installing a low-hanging, industrial-style light fitting above your dining table if it’s placed in the centre of the room, as doing this will add some flair. If your table is not centred, that’s okay! In that case, opt for a wide, open light fitting or modern spotlights. Whatever you choose, the result will be a stylish illumination the compliments the rest of the room’s décor.


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