Summer Style That Can Keep You Looking and Feeling Cool

Summer Scents

Although you might have chilled out in loungewear and messy buns all winter, the summer is when more people start to think about looking their best. Then, if you want to enjoy your summer in style, here are some of the top tips that you can follow to achieve your perfect look through to September.

1. Choose Large Shades

Choose Large Shades

Shades are important for the summer months to protect your eyesight. However, as well as being useful for your health, they have also become an iconic fashion statement over time. So if you want to feel as if you are an Old Hollywood movie star, you should consider opting for large dramatic shades that can dominate your face and define your style, as these have also recently come back into fashion.

2. Pick Summer Scents

Summer Scents

Your summer style is not all about your appearance, though, but also about your scent. When you imagine summer, you likely think about floral and fruity smells. Therefore, to immerse yourself in summer fun, you should consider trying out an array of popular summer perfumes to ensure that people think of your favorite season whenever they are near you. To make sure that you can maintain your iconic scent throughout the season, you should subscribe to a fragrance subscription that can help you to feel as if the sun is shining all day, every day.

3. Dye Your Hair in Bright Colors

Dye Your Hair in Bright Colors

The summer is all about bright colors, and why should you simply stick to investing in brightly colored clothes? If you want people to think of summer when they look at you, you should consider dying your hair in bold colors, such as pinks, greens, and blues. If you are worried that these unusual colors will not suit you, you should consider opting for more traditional dye colors for the summer months, such as sun-kissed blonde.

4. Wear Crop Tops

Wear Crop Tops

If you are determined to get a great tan during the summer, then you should consider investing in crop tops. Not only are they associated with the summer and can help you to stay cool, but they have recently returned to the fashion world with a bang. If you feel self-conscious in a crop top, you should consider layering this with a beach cover-up, dungarees, or a slip dress, or wear it with high-waisted bottoms.

5. Choose Great Footwear

Choose Great Footwear

When you are getting your outfit together, it is easy to forget to think about your footwear. However, what you wear on your feet can change your entire appearance. Then, you should consider looking for casual footwear that will not make your feet sweat when the sun comes out. For instance, you might consider looking at loafers, slip-on sandals, or clogs. When you are thinking of your footwear, though, you should consider your comfort, as well as whether you will be able to walk long distances in them, and whether they are appropriate for sand or the sea if you are intending to go on vacation.


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