Tips for Better Home Office Lighting


With a lot of people finding themselves working from home to a greater and greater degree, there is no doubt that getting the home office vibe right is one of the most important aspects of ensuring that you have a day that is both productive and fulfilling. There are a number of different elements that all add up to a great home office, but one of them is ensuring that you get the lighting right. Without this essential element, you can end up distracted and in a mood that is not going to encourage the highest level of focus. With this in mind, here are a few top tips for better home office lighting.

Keep the Lighting Indirect

What you certainly do not want is a bright spotlight shining from above and making you feel like you are under interrogation. You should think about how lamps can play their role in the space in a way that is not causing glare to become an issue. For this reason, having shades on all the lights can help to scatter the light evenly, rather than having it too focused. Also, installing a dimmer switch can prove to be invaluable as it will give you maximum control over the brightness levels.

Get Rid of Glares and Shadows

There is nothing more frustrating than glares and shadows shining onto your laptop monitor or your desk as both of these elements can prove to be enormously distracting and can really have a negative impact on the flow of the work that is otherwise taking place. If the light source is coming from behind you, this is almost certainly going to create a situation in which there is a glare, so this is a factor that is certainly worth bearing in mind. Not only this, but you should also look at controlling how the flow of natural light into the space is going to have an impact as well. You could look into your different window dressing options at Sunburst Shutters as they can really help in filtering the light in the way that you would like.

Use Natural Light Where Possible

Speaking of natural light, it is certainly something that should be used as much as possible. Having this shining on you at the right angle can create a positive impact on the work that you are doing. You should avoid having it direct in front or next to the work surface as this can cause the aforementioned glare that we discussed in the section just above this one.

There are a few more tips that we could offer with regards to getting the lighting situation right in your home office, but these points cover some of the crucial elements that can all add up to making a big difference to your workspace. Once you seek to improve the lighting situation, you can then start to see just how essential it is that you get it right for better work.


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