Your Christmas Party Checklist!

Christmas Party Checklist

Christmas is the most awaited celebration of the year. It is full of colours and festivities. Though, there is still few months left in arrival of the day, but it is best time to plan your day. For any event, planning is the key. Plan your day and make all the arrangements before time so that your actual day is smooth, organized and hassle free.

You can list done all the things to do a few months ago and things to be done before the day of the party. Here are few tips that can be followed for the preparation of the actual day:

Holiday greetings and invitation cards:

invitation cards

You need to list down all your contacts whom you have to send the greeting cards. For the holiday party, you have to make your greeting cards along with the holiday party invitation. Select the template and get your cards ready. Prepare your lines as a draft that you are going to write in the card.

Pack your cards if there are few months and take those out of the box once few days are left. Write the invitation lines with all your heart so the recipient feel the vibes of your love. Post the holiday party invitations a few weeks before so they receive it on time, they know about your party and they set their party plans accordingly. Don’t prefer online cards as printed cards looks special.

Setting date for the holiday party:

When you have a plan for the holiday party, check the availability of your family, extended family and friends that you have to invite before finalizing the dates. Coordinate with each other so their and your party dates doesn’t overlaps.

Home decor:

Home decor for the holiday party is a must thing! Purchase your good before the event and get decor ready so it is easy for the display on the day of event. Be creative and if you have safe the last year decor, use it in a new way. Do all your purchasing, get it ready and packed so that your mind is at ease. Display it few days before the event.

Gifts and giveaways:

Plan and purchase the gifts you want to give to your guests. It is better to do it before time especially when the outlets are on sale. It will help you reduce your cost. Also, wrap all the gifts soon after you purchase them. It will lift up the burden of work.

Setting up the menu:

Decide what you want in your menu and do purchasing of the stuff few weeks before. You can also freeze some snacks and half cook the main course. Full cook the main dishes and desserts on the day of holiday. Keep all your cutlery and dishes etc. ready a day before the party.

Not everything can be done before time but, purchasing and organizing things should be smooth and clear. Be smart and execute everything with steps so that you feel good and excited about your day. Enjoy your Christmas.


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