Future of Work: 10 Reasons Why You Should Let Your Employees Work From Home

Your Employees Work From Home

The future of work is uncertain. The COVID epidemic may resurface at any given moment. But, you can’t stop your business, especially if you have to keep a team of employees.

Even if you can’t keep them in an office, they can remain productive. Let them work from home.

Save Money

People are motivated by perks, and money is the reason home working productivity increases. When working from home, employees save on clothes, food, commute, and other necessities.

At the end of the month, their salary is worth more if they don’t need to pay for gas, a new suit, or takeout food each day. More money gives them enough room to plan a better home budget, save for new products, or to invest.

Improving their savings is one thing, but freeing their schedule is even more valuable than that.

No Commute

No Commute

A lot of employees don’t have the luxury of living close to their office. They have to travel for half an hour, or even several hours at a time. So, if they have to work 8 hours per day, and have to travel for an hour, that means they are working at least 10 hours per day!

Cutting out the extra two hours every day means two hours more for employee’s needs. Forget driving through rush-hour, or traveling on buses or trains for a few hours – the employees finish their job and move on with their life.

And, when they are working, they can choose where they are going to work.

Office Selection

The employees can choose to work in their bedroom, living room, or even in their garden. Since they don’t have to travel to headquarters anymore, anything in their environment can be an office.

Usually, employees choose a neutral room with a firm table if they don’t have a workroom already. Working at home offers more privacy and gives you a chance to take a break at your leisure.

Even if it means making a cup of coffee every two hours, it’s still an improvement from working at a traditional office.

Customizable Workspace

Work From Home

Speaking of taking a coffee break, you can also pick the necessities for work. Let’s say that you need a computer, but you also need other tools and equipment. These may include other computers, phones, tablets, or specialized equipment for work.

Even if you don’t need those, you can arrange the workspace to motivate you or relax you. You can add stickers, mugs, pens, drawings, or even a small screen to play videos, podcasts, or music videos.

Now that you have a place for work of your design – It’s time to design your time as well.

Flexible Schedule

By far, a flexible schedule is the best perk that comes with the future of work. Instead of having a strict 9 to 5, you can work 4 hours in the morning and 4 in the afternoon. Or, you can choose your hours as you like, as long as you can get the job done.

A flexible schedule is great when you have to buy groceries, watch over kids, or do certain chores during the day. That way, you can work on more projects, spend time with your families, and have more time for your activities.

It gets better. These perks help to achieve better results.

Less Distraction

Less Distraction

When you customize your office and workspace and set your hours of work – You become more productive. Instead of dealing with a bunch of problems at work and at home, separate them and work with fewer distractions.

The employees focus on the results since achieving high results means more time for their leisure. The employer doesn’t have to worry about increasing productivity at all times.

Working on the employees’ motivation, and pointing them out to tasks makes them more efficient. They don’t want to cut corners – they want to be better at work.

Better Communication

Every minute counts since every minute spent on work is a minute taken from leisure. So, communicating is a priority. Using Zoom, Skype, Slack, and Viber allow you to reach others in seconds wherever they reside.

Receiving important emails and sending an answer can’t wait. Employees need to reach and get an answer quickly and work on tasks at hand. They don’t have to wait for endless meetings, breaks, and calls to get important information and act on it.

When combined, the perks allow the employees to achieve the dream of any manager – better results.

Higher Efficiency

Work From Home

There are studies conducted in practice and academia on how to make employees more productive. Employees’ motivation is higher due to more free time, reduced costs, and better organization.

In the traditional business setting, the employees submit their needs to the needs of the business. Now, the paradigm is turned upside-down, and employees work for their needs instead of solely working for business purposes.

Creating a space in business needs for employee purposes gives the employees better focus.

Better Focus

Finally, the new workplace is putting the employees first. Businesses remain productive in this setting. That’s because employees are working to achieve results while having more time for their needs.

They have a better life since they don’t have to slave away in the daily grind. The employees don’t need to sit for 8 hours in the office for a task they can do in 4. While they wait for a confirmation email or a call – they can watch their favorite show or be with their family.

The new normal gives them a healthier work-life balance than ever before.

Better Work-Life Balance

Employees lead a better life in the new normal. Sure, there’s an epidemic at loose. But, they have more time for what’s truly important – Their family and themselves. That’s something money can’t buy.


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